A gold eyed, black haired woman wearing oriental looking clothing and a weird mask


Standing at about 4 foot 6, with a slender build with not much definable muscle, Aiga is not exactly what you’d call a threat, Wearing what look like red and white ceremonial robes with her hair in a ponytail going down to her mid-back, tied up with cords, plus the pair of golden eyes staring around curiously. Nothing out of the ordinary… unless your eyes are trained to see a Kitsune in human form… in which case that form would retain the clothes but two bushy black tails growing behind her, her face stays the same except for afew black marks appear on her face and two ears sprout out from the top of her head, twitching at the occasional sound.


Aiga’s history is nothing special, coming from a small village of Kitsune in Shineda and grew up there for most of her life, training under her mentor in the ways of magic and melee, although after her training was almost complete her mentor went missing, now she’s on her own journey to find her mentor… it just so happens along the way she finished her training. Now she goes from country to country and village to village, placing missing posters and a way of contacting her that is always somehow wrong the next day.


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