Dean Hunt

Wandering mechanist, Dean is as carefree as a former soldier could be.


Standing at an even 6 foot, Dean is quite the poster boy- literally. His well proportioned and shaped face plastered onto a number of recruitment posters for a branch of the Valahnese military. One would be met with a defined jawline framed by cropped and neat dark stubble. Venturing above his perfectly normal nose lies a faint but noticeable scar on one side of his face- from cheekbone to eyebrow. How fortunate for him that he managed to keep both of his deep green eyes intact. His black hair kept short enough to not be a hassle to deal with, whilst still maintaining a certain amount of style. Looks are important, after all.


His body would strike quite the figure. Having the brawn to match the brains, his muscles have been shaped by just shy of a decade of military training. Though not overly bulky, his athletic form clearly well taken care of, bar the occasional littering scar. His posture would be confident and relaxed,yet upright. Poster boy, indeed.

When not in his power armour, Dean has a handful of choices of attire.

Tool Harness: A padded overvest on top of some basic and durable clothing. The harness has a plethora of pouches and satchels on it for holding various tools and components, whilst also being sturdy and reinforced enough to deflect the odd blow.

Winter Clothing: Thick fur lined hide and leather clothing that covers as much bare skin as possible.

Travel Clothes: Seen most often in this, Dean opts for a sturdy dark blue greatcoat-albeit somewhat faded, a thick circle scarf, simple trousers, leather gloves, simple tunic, military boots and finally a side-upturned hat.

Other Travel Clothes: He also possesses a heavy brown greatcoat, green round scarf and heavy duty boots, the durable outfit fit for trudging through any wilderness.

Military Uniform: From his days in the Valahnian military, he still has the fatigues he used to wear when out of power armour.

If wearing any of the above, he’d have a simple sabre on his left hip.



Born in the welcoming lands of Valahn, Dean had a fairly idyllic upbringing in the suburbs near the silver city. So much so that he was soon bored enough to be striving to venture out into the world, having only the time consuming realm of robotics and engineering at his father’s workbench to stave off the boredom. Indeed, this is something Dean picked up from a very early age from his father, soon putting together and modifying all manner of things, seemingly having a certain natural affinity for it.

Dean’s family comprises of a brother two years his junior, whose military ambitions were crushed when he did not get accepted into the small Valahnese army- opting instead to do the next best thing and join a local militia. His mother is an experienced lawyer, specialising in civil cases whereas his father is a retired soldier and engineer in the standing army of Valahn. Spurred by the inspiring figure of his father and the aspirations of his brother, Dean saw the army as his ticket to getting out and about. Therefore, at the ready age of 19, Dean opted to put his mind and body to the test by applying and training to join the power armoured infantry corps. Having the brain and the brawn required to make the most out of utilising the power armour, he was accepted and trained. All the while his robotics and engineering skills were further honed into a more combat focused application. Serving a solid 7 years there, he gained enough confidence to set out on his own. Serving his final period of time, he left after feeling he had gotten everything he could out of his experience there. Handing in his power armour and issued weaponry, Dean was relieved to have the freedom away from the rigid rules of the military in order to create and engineer to his heart’s content. Wasting no time in putting these skills to use by creating his own Aether rifle- rather simple and nowhere near as elegant as the usual firearms, but sturdy and reliable. In addition to the rifle, Dean dedicated all of his waking hours to the creation of his own power armour and a robotic companion. The former is not as graceful and defined as the military issued power armour, but akin to his rifle it is reliable and his own.

A minor error in the creation process of making the robot lead to it activating and jogging off into a nearby field. It took Dean a full day to find the missing robot mingling with a flock of sheep. Taking it back to his workstation he made the final few tweaks and adjustments before implementing its personality subroutines. Giving it the name Mia- a reference to the time it went missing. With his new creations, Dean set out once again. This time with no specific goal in mind, simply to broaden his horizons and experience life.


Element: Air.

Taking each day as it comes, Dean is seemingly carefree and laid back in a bordering devil-may-care manner; he rarely gets stressed- and when he does it’s in an utterly bemused way. He’s unable to completely shake that military discipline etched deep into his muscle memory, taking relative care of his equipment- not to the point of reflective shine, but enough to ensure everything functions as smoothly as possible. A clean weapon is a reliable weapon! His military past and heritage consequently means Dean has a serious side he flicks on when the situation calls for discipline, in addition being versed in tactics and a plethora of combat situations.It should also be mentioned that without his military training, his survival for so long in the wild would have been much more of a challenge.

His obsessive joy at tinkering, building and modifying rocketed his natural ability and honed it to a fine art from a very young age. Robots, ammunition, even power armour- he’s fully self sufficient in maintaining his gear on the road. Alas, the road can be lonely for this wanderer, which makes him all the more thankful of Mia for company to contemplate the meaning of life with, play cards and even the occasional spar. It’s handy to have a sentry that doesn’t sleep either.

Such an active mind means Dean tends to get bored if he isn’t occupied, which leads to him being easily distracted to keep his hands and brainpower busy. Whether that’s reading the epitome of hilarity found in his big book of comedy, modifying his power armour, making ammo or having an arm wrestle with Mia.

Of course with creation comes responsibility, he’s formed attachments to not only his robotic creations, but also his aether rifle- something he is incredibly proud of, and the thought of losing it is inconceivable!

Dean Hunt

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