Lina Drake

Famous mercenary


Currently known information:

She used to reside within Strongport, well known for her brutal efficiency and general effectiveness on her jobs. She works solo more often than not and is rumored to be insane or downright psychotic.

She wandered with a another adventuring group for a short period where she was cursed and afflicted with a curse of shrinking. Much to her dismay she could not carry her amassed hoard or inspire fear and awe into others so she set out to uncurse herself.

She eventually met up with a former adventuring comrade of hers, Kiami Toura. The two reunited they went north-west. The two went missing for a period of two years and have just recently returned from the direction of Miorta. According to eyewitnesses she is nearly unrecognizable from her previous form. One can only speculate what happened.

Current status: Looking for something.


Lina Drake

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