A large draconian man of unknown descent and origin.


A 6 foot 7 inch dragon-like man stands before you. Uteels face would be rather alarming to most common folk of anyone outside of Shineda, as well as the two large wings on his back and the long tail swaying behind him, he looks more like a dragon than a human. His skin also hints at this as they are a gleaming gold, not enough to catch the sun but still looking rather grand and quite exotic. His frame is rather lean, not quite muscular but there is some definition and size to his limbs and chest, he obviously does care about his physical shape. The Armour he wears is nothing special to look at, rather dull colours, no glow-y parts or anything that screams magical in any way. His weapons are plain to see, a Daisho (A Katana and Wakizashi combo) sits on his belt, the smaller of the two blades sitting in its sheathe above the other, both have black sheathes with red cross-stitched handles, both blades have a strange pattern, a wavy line going down the blade, one half coloured jet-black the other is what you would assume a regular sword looks like, both very sharp. Other than that there is a crossbow that sits on his back by a strap, brown in colour and not very special looking. All in all it can be explained simply as a very extraordinary person carrying very ordinary equipment.


Nothing much is known about Uteel, other than where he comes from and why he has left his homeland of Shineda. He’s out on a journey searching fot something but that is all he’ll tell anyone, you’ll probably have to really dig at him before he’ll tell anything. Other than that his childhood was regular, going through training to become a warrior in his village before he was sent away.


After being sent away he just wandered, looking for what he was sent to find while also making some money on the way, selling his blade to anyone who needs it, and selling his more secretive talents, although he has a strong sense of who he’ll steal from and wether it is just to do so, not just for personal benefit or stealing something that might be used to do harm to innocents.


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