Virdusk Olbanze


Virdusk is a 6’5 bulky and scaly figure, definitely muscles underneath the scales but you wouldn’t be able to see that past the full plate which is a good way of describing Virdusk’s personality, very defensive, doesn’t talk much, if at all, unless needed and likes to keep himself to himself, It would take some doing to get even what his favourite food is let alone what his history is.
(Ignore the T-Rex, it doesn’t exist, why would you even bring it up?)


If asked, Virdusk would either shrug and say “Nothing special.” or “Does it matter?”, the ones that could be able to crack the shell that he’s built around himself would find out that he doesn’t even know his own history, the last thing he remembers is waking up outside of a human village in Valahn

Virdusk Olbanze

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