Kilan the Dunelands

Far to the south-east of Kross you will stumble upon Kilan, the legendary Dunelands. Where the desert glitters like gold and the sand conceals ancient temples filled with artifacts and mythical secrets.

Kilan is ruled by a council of merchant princes, currently there are three merchant princes;
Merchant Prince Mullin, the harbinger of water.
Merchant Princess Tilaan, the bringer of riches.
Merchant Prince, Evial, the bringer of death.

Once every three years on a moonless night the merchant princes meet and discuss treaties and trade routes in secret, it is said that if one is granted access to one of these meetings, you can easily consider yourself and your family set for life.

Alas, the fabled Dunelands carries more than just wealth and luxury. The rich thrive and the poor suffer greatly and as such, the crime rates are incredibly high in Kilan, despite the very harsh laws against thievery. But you can with utmost certainty trust a merchant as long you carry coin in your pouch and keep a eye pointed to his wares.


Kilan the Dunelands

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