Lamahn, the Gravelands

To the east just north of Kilan lies Lamahn, a ruined landscape that has suffered through millenias of wars of against the undeath of the land, as a result the people of the land adapted to the land. Many picking up necromancy to combat the relentless hordes of the undead. Not surprisingly it worked and many voted in favour of abolishing Necromancy as a Dark Art, claiming of course only academic knowledge in the school they all very well know that every wizard within Lamahn, has practised or still practised necromancy, on willing or not so willing targets.

Lamahn is ruled by a royal family, currently King Sieg Lamahn rules the country alongside his Queen, Els Lamahn, an elf. Lamahn has been ruled by King Sieg for nearly three hundred years, and many has started to doubt the King’s humanity.

In recent years they have gone into active warfare against the Dark elves, reasons unknown to the other nations. But they clearly have a goal in mind as they are far to logical to just attack on a whim.


Lamahn, the Gravelands

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