Andrego Veretas

A dark blue tiefling inquisitor


Andrego stands 181 cm tall, with black hair, dark blue skin and silver eyes. of tiefling traits he has horns that begin at the sides of his head and go backwards along his head, usually not visible due to hat, also he has a prehensile tail.

he wields a six barrel stake gun that fires silver stakes, and when things get close and personal he prefers his hefty mace.

Andrego also has mithril breastplate that he aquired when he defeated an undead elf and his minions.


Andrego was born in a small somewhat isolated village, while in most other places he might have had a difficult start, here the greatest hero and founder of the village was himself a tiefling and so Andrego faced no difficulty here from his race.

things were fine until one fateful day, monsters shrouded in darkness attacked the village, and so from a hiding spot Andrego watched his parents get slaughtered and his sister dragged off into the unknown. When Andrego ventured out from his hiding spot it was to the sight of a ruined village with the dead littering the streets.

A inquisitor of the first by the name of Brago steel, found Andrego slumped next to his parents desecrated corpses, he took Andrego with him and mentored him in the ways of the inquisition of the first. Andrego took the teachings to heart, vowing that he would oppose monsters wherever he found them until the end of his days.

Andrego Veretas

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