Kal Sunstriker

A force of good with a bumpy backstory.


Kal stands 200 cm tall, with white hair, Golden eyes, black skin. His face wears a Gaunt look.

Kal is dressed in a Long Duster, closed at the top, it covers everything of his face below his eyes. combined with googles and a broad bremmed hat, only his eyes are visible on his face.



In the Land of Shineda there lies hidden away among dunes of sand, an old temple to The Dragon Queen. Around it a village has sprung up, and it is there that Kal Sunstriker was born.

During his upbringing he always was fond of stories of warriors of old, wheter they fought as gallant knights or kung fu masters against the evils of the world. It was especially their determination to stand strong against all odds that insipired him.

On a seemingly normal day in Kals life, now 18 years old, horror was stricken into the hearts of the villagers. A Massive Eldritch Horror had been spottet on the horizon approaching the village. Writhing with tentacles, mouths filled with razor teeth and more eyes than has any right being on a singular entity, it was a truly horrifying sight.

None of the villagers dared to stand against this creature, except Kal. He would not stand idle, so in the chaos of villagers trying to flee or hide, he gathered pieces of armor and as many weapons as he could carry, before setting out to face this Abomination.

The monster towered above him, but he would not be dauntet now. He struck out with weapon after weapon, slashing with swords, stabbing with spears and striking with hammers. But the creature did not idly sit still, it struck at Kal, breaking weapons and peeling his armor of piece by piece.

Until finally Kal stood battered, bruised, bloodied, bare and unarmed before it. Even so he would not falter, he tossed himself forth into a open wound he had managed to inflict, digging into the thing with tooth and nail until finally he reached it’s heart. There he brought the only weapons that had not failed him this far to bear, his fists. As he turned the heart into mush, he was drenched in the dying things blood. And as he emerged from the defeated horror victoriously, he was forever cursed with the life of a dhamphir.

The villagers cheered his victory, but he could not stay. no longer pure, he had no place at a temple of the gods, and so he strode forth into the horizon.

He faced much hardship and scorn for his new race in his travels, in one village he would have been hanged and burned if not for the timely intervention of Brum Silverstar, a wandering sheriff out to put the law and good into these small villages. He took Kal under his wing, not caring about his race and he taught him how to survive and how to read people. He also learned that not all problems can be punched away.

And most importently he was taught the value of a broad bremmed hat, a good duster and a trusty shotgun.

They travelled together for many years before their paths split, Fanatics wanted Kal for one of their rituals. Brum held them off while Kal reluctantly left at his behest, Kal has been wandering alone since then, fighting evil where he finds it, doing good by others and always honing his martial skills.

Kal Sunstriker

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