Quain'Illsith Val'Sharghress

Hair white as spidersilk, skin gray as ash and eyes as the darkest night.


Born centuries past at the volcano where the people of Kul’Murd have found their home, Quain’Illsith, Val of the Sharghress family spent her first century under the protective gaze of her people, absorbing knowledge in the great libraries and studying magic. Though fascinated by the arcane arts, she never spent more time than was necessary to get a rudimentary understanding of it. Then as many in that age does, she wanted not only to learn the knowledge of those who had gone before her, but to live the knowledge, and to find her own. As such she set off into the world. For a few years, she traveled the dunes of Kilan, the forests of Ba’Del’Vari and the Glaciers of Saard, taking small jobs as she went to pay for her travels, as she wrote down the collective knowledge of the world. There are always dangers to traveling, especially alone, but most were dissuaded by the little magic she could do, with the threat of fireballs backing it up, and if that did not work, her steed would always take her out of harms way. The Gravelands however, were not so easily traversed, and on her journey through the desolate plains of Lamahn she was set upon by Bandits. Her horse served as meat for the bandits, after all, food is not easy to come by in the badlands, and her books and paper worked nicely as fuel for the fire. Quain’Illsith herself imagined that this was the end of her journey, but in Lamahn you do not waste. As such the bandits dragged her across many miles before they found a powerful Necromancer who payed enough for her.

And so under compulsions both Magical and Mundane, she served the Necromancer for many years. Others under his service was born, grew old and died as she remained as she was, “gifted” by her kins long lifespan. However, as the Necromancer grew more and more complacent, she started to plan an escape. The first part of her plan took many years to complete, to, in secret and with the aid of the necromancers own books, reawaken her magical potential. It came easier to her than it did in the past, perhaps out of necessity, perhaps something else, but one night when she had given him enough wine to put him under for a day, she used her newfound skills to throw off his compulsions, steal one of his prized Horses and vanish into the dark Lamahnian night.

Quain'Illsith Val'Sharghress

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